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Is Being A Prosecutor Dangerous?

I have lately read a news about an Italian prosecutor that was kidnapped by the mob. Sure, we’re not in the sunny Sicily, but do you think being an UK prosecutor can be dangerous?



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Evon Reputation TM – The Key to A Successful Online Reputation

The reason I have actually started writing a blog is that I’ve been convinced by a friend lawyer. He opened my eyes on something of great importance – personal branding and online reputation. The thing is he had been the subject of an online defamation by a former client. This friend of mine started then losing a lot of clients, as people searched his name on Google and did no longer want to hire him.

Luckily, he found a company called Evon Reputation ( that took care of his online reputation. The guys at Evon managed to push the negative results off from Google’s first page. They also helped my friend gain more online visibility.

This made me think more about my online reputation, therefore I have just started my own personal blog, so that I make people find our more about me.

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